We’ve lived through the entrepreneurial process as both founder and investor dozens of times.  We hope you’ll make new and creative mistakes, instead of repeating ours. Our goal is that we’re your first call when you hit a roadblock, or better, when you pass a major milestone.

If we don’t have the answer, we know someone else who will. It’s our job to make it easy to find.  We have a database of hundreds of experts across functional areas whom we tap to provide custom, focused advice, all on demand. How to restructure your sales team? What A/B tests to run on your landing page? How to calculate CAC and LTV?

Every step of building a company is challenging; we hope to be your guide. We offer a range of services to our companies, all complimentary:

  • Perspective/coaching. Any time you want coaching, you can text us and we’ll get back to you to try to support you as appropriate. We also can arrange formal mentoring with our Venture Partners. We typically schedule monthly check-ins to review agreed-upon metrics; make sure your team is doing well; and see how we can help. 95% of the time we have a “pull” model: you tell us how we can help. 5% of the time we have a “push” model: we’ll make proactive suggestions.
  • Recruiting. We track talent in transition and introduce them to our companies when needed. We help in wooing, negotiating with, and winning high potential candidates, as employees, consultants, advisors, and board members.  We help teach you the recruiting skill set, saving you time and resources. We will always pick up the phone to help close candidates. We also can give you insight into current market compensation levels.
  • Service providers. We maintain a database of service providers specializing in early-stage companies, and have pre-negotiated discounted rates with many of them.
  • Skill building. We offer coaching, customized training, and other resources to help you become the most effective CEO possible. We particularly focus on the skill set of building a profitable company.
  • Customer development. We tap our large network of customers in diverse industries to accelerate your revenue growth. We stay involved until you win deals.
  • Events. We organize events and also invite our founders to other curated events where you can meet highly relevant founders and investors.
  • Capital stack. We work with you to determine the right capital structure. If and only if you decide to raise further capital, we’ll coach you on how to tell your story with maximum impact, and introduce you to the right investors. Our team has helped past companies in which we’ve invested raise in the hundreds of millions collectively.
  • First 100 days. We typically spend the first 100 days in particularly close contact with you making sure that expectations are aligned, with clear goal-setting.